CTRNet was founded by six charter member biobank nodes. Today, CTRNet’s platforms are hosted by two nodes. The Biospecimen Quality Platform is led by CTRNet’s BC node under the direction of Dr. Peter Watson. Its components include a national biobank certification program, a unique and comprehensive biobanking education program, and biobanking process standards. The Data Quality Management Platform is led by CTRNet’s Quebec node under the direction of Dr. Anne- Marie Mes-Masson. It is comprised of the Advanced Tissue Information Management (ATiM) system and its embedded data standards.
These two nodes are supported by the CTRNet College of Advisors (COA) which consists of leaders of charter biobanks and experts in the area of translational research in Canada. The COA members are as follows;

Dr. John Bartlett
Ontario Institute of Cancer Research

Dr. Kathryn Graham
Alberta Cancer Research Biobank

Dr. David Lebrun
Ontario Molecular Pathology Research Network

Dr. Leigh Murphy
Manitoba Tumor Bank

Dr. Lynne Postovit
Cancer Research Institute of Northern Alberta

Dr. Brent Schacter
CancerCare Manitoba

Dr. Lois Shepherd
Canadian Cancer Trials Group

Dr. Dominique Trudel
Centre de recherche du CHUM

Dr. Ming Tsao
University Health Network/Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Dr. Barbara Vanderhyden
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Dr. Suzanne Vercauteren
BC Children’s Hospital