Registration and Certification Program - Disclaimer/Explanation

The Canadian Tumour Repository Network (CTRNet) is an academic, not-for-profit consortium of Canadian tumour biobanks. The CTRNet Registration and Certification Program has been developed to address issues relating to assurance and quality in Canadian biobanking.

CTRNet uses the term “registered” to refer to biobanks that have completed the CTRNet Registration requirements. A biobank that is “registered” means that the biobank has been provided with best practice-based standards, as well as foundational knowledge for these standards, via operational practices documents and CTRNet’s web-based education course, and has completed such course.

CTRNet uses the term “certified” to refer to biobanks that, in addition to being “registered”, have completed the CTRNet Certification requirements. A biobank that is “certified” means that, following “registration”, the biobank has completed the additional processes of: 1) guided self-assessment of consistency with best practice-based standards, and 2) external/peer verification that the biobank has taken measures to adapt to and/or comply with the standards on an ongoing basis.

The registration/certification of a biobank is dependent on the models and best practices employed by CTRNet, with emphasis on best practices and education.

CTRNet MAKES NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY OF ANY NATURE OR KIND WHATSOEVER, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, STATUTORY OR OTHERWISE, IN CONNECTION WITH ANY REGISTRATION/CERTIFICATION OF A BIOBANK. In providing the CTRNet Registration and Certification Program, CTRNet does not and shall not assume any responsibility, or accept or incur any obligations or liability of any nature or kind whatsoever, for any biobank which becomes “registered” or “certified” pursuant to that Program.