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Registrations for IBBL’s 2016 Biospecimen Proficiency Testing (PT) programme are now open.

The Biospecimen PT programme allows laboratories to verify and benchmark their performance. You can assess the accuracy and precision of your biospecimen characterisation methods (DNA quantification and purity, RNA integrity, RNA quantification and purity, Cell viability, Tissue histology, Serum CD40 ligand quantification, Plasma haemoglobin quantification and CSF haemoglobin quantification) or the efficiency of your processing/extraction methods (DNA/RNA from whole blood, FFPE cells or frozen tissue, microbial DNA extraction from stool or saliva, cfDNA extraction from whole blood and Viable PBMC isolation).

To find out more or register, go to If you have any question, please contact

Registration closes on the 29th of July.