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ATiM Overview

ATiM is a web-based application designed and developed by CTRNet in conjunction with leading Canadian biobanks specifically for the operation of biobanks. ATiM is released free for non-commercial use under a General Public License.


  • Standard operating procedure integration
  • Multi-lingual (French, English)
  • Provisions for customization
  • Easy addition of additional fields
  • User management and system security
  • Web-based technology

Modules & Tools

To learn more about the features that the ATiM software provides, please read ATiM (modules & tools presentation).

HOW TO Guides

General Information



These series of guides are targeted to ATiM users that may not have Administrative control, but want to customize how the application works for them. This includes changing their password and customizing their preferences.

Clinical Annotation

This module was designed to capture all clinical information related to a participant. Consent management is also handled in the clinical module.



Query and Report Centre

Order Management

Treatment Protocol

Standard Operating Procedures

Research Studies

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