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This guide will describe the process to annotate specimen (Tissue, Blood, etc) creating a Path Review.

Tissue Path Review

1. Open the Tissue 'Details' form. Click on 'Path Review' menu to create the new record.


2. Click on 'Add' button and select the appropriated Path Review type from the list.


3. Fill the first section of the form gathering tissue annotation data.

4. Fill the second section of the form gathering all aliquot reviews data used to annotate the tissue.


  • The second section is not required.
  • Each aliquot review could be linked to an existing tissue aliquot already recorded into the system selecting this one into the 'Aliquot' drop down list.
  • A set of icons ('Copy', 'Past', '(+)') will allow user to add many aliquot reviews, copy data and past data (See "Create collected specimens and aliquots" for copy/past process details).'


5. Submit.



This process could be reproduced to create any specimen review:

  • Tissue Review.
  • Blood Review.
  • Etc.
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