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The members section offers a number of features for researchers or those interested in bio-banking. We provide both basic and advanced searches of our materials catalogue, links to upcoming conferences, ability to upload and submit studies in progress and finally request materials for a study.



  • Serve the research community through the creation and maintenance of an online pan-Canadian network of tissue bank and clinical data accessible to all researcher members.
  • Consistently earn patients’ trust with the implementation and enforcement of privacy, ethical and standard operating procedures in support of meaningful research.
  • Promote research and collaboration through a virtual community, online search capabilities, workshops and conferences.
  • Develop and maintain a sustainable business model that ensures the financial viability of the national network, the autonomy of the regional tumour banks and provides transparent accountability to stakeholders.
  • Develop awareness within the scientific and lay communities of research using human tissues to influence social and legal policy on genomic research in Canada.


CTRNet has also developed policies for all member banks covering:

  • Ethics
  • Information Consent Policy
  • Privacy and Security
  • Records and Documentation
  • Materials and Handling
  • Materials Release

Standard Operating Procedures

The CTRNet charter members have developed a common set of SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) for new and existing bio banks. These SOP's area available for public download here. A public discussion forum has been created for those wishing to discuss contents of our SOP's. These forums are hosted under the Marble Arch website here.

Discussion Forums

CTRNet hosts online discussion forums for members to meet and discuss topics on biobanking and research. For access create an account here. Once approved access can be found through the left hand navigation section of the members section. Some of the topics include:

  • Pathology Interpretation and IHC Scoring - Discuss how to analyze and interpret histopathological slides as well as immunohistochemistry scoring issues.
  • Immunohistochemistry - This forum is for general questions, methods, protocols and tips regarding immunohistochemistry techniques.
  • Histology - For questions and answers regarding general histology, including tissue processing, embedding, sectioning, special staining, enzyme staining and silver staining, etc
  • Pathology - General pathology questions and answers including histopathology, surgical pathology, and clinical pathology, etc.
  • General Forums - Announcements, workshops, study design, collaboration plus a buy and sell forum.

Sample Catalogue

The CTRNet catalogue represents an aggregate collection of samples from participating tumour banks across Canada. The catalogue model is based on three major components - Donors, Tumours and Inventory. A summary of samples across Canada is available here.


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