Create a box and set box into a freezer

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This guide will describe the process to create a box and set the box into a freezer rack.

Note: The example below is based on a freezer layout previously built following "Create a freezer including shelves and racks" user guide.

Data Record

1. Open Storage Layout tool.

2. Look for your freezer setting storage search criteria.


3. Find your storage into the index view and click on the 'Detail' icon.


4. Using the 'Storage Content' tree view of your freezer, find the rack that will contain the new box and click on 'Add To Storage' button to create the box.


5. Enter box data and submit.


6. Set box position into the rack and submit.


7. The box is created.



The process detailed above could be reproduced to: 
  - Add a shelf to a freezer.
  - Add a rack to a shelf.
  - Add a shelf to a fridge.
  - etc.
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