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This guide will describe the process to create a DNA solution extracted from a tissue block. 

This process requires 2 steps (the second one being optional):
  1- Create the DNA extraction from the tissue.
  2- Define the aliquot of the parent sample (Ex: The tissue block) as aliquot used for the extraction or 'Aliquot Source'.

Create DNA Extraction

1. Open Inventory Management module.

2. Click on 'New Search' button to search the tissue used for extraction.


3. Enter search criteria and submit.


4. Click on the 'Detail' icon of the studied tissue into the index view.


5. The tissue 'Details' form is displayed. Click on 'Add Derivative' button to create the DNA.


6. Enter DNA data and submit.


7. The DNA 'Details' form will be displayed.


8. Click on 'Add Aliquot' to create the tubes.

9. See "Create collected specimens and aliquots" guide to create DNA tubes.

Define tissue block used

This section will define the process to select the aliquot of the parent sample (Ex: Tissue block) 
that has been used to create the derivative: the 'Aliquot Source'. 

Note: This step is not required to create a derivative. It's up to each bank to define the complexity of the data entry.

1. Into the DNA 'Details' form, click on the 'Source Aliquots' menu.


2. Click on 'Add' button.


3. Select the box of the parent aliquot (Ex: the block) to define it as 'Aliquot Source' of the DNA extraction.


  • The status of the aliquot source could be modified using this form.
  • The aliquot source could be defined as removed from its storage using this form.
  • User can define the 'Aliquot Source' volume used to create the derivative if the volume of this 'Aliquot Source' is tracked by the system (Ex: PBMC tube).


4. Click on submit.


Visualize Data Entry

1- The use summary of the 'Aliquot Source' will be displayed into the aliquot 'Details' form.


Note: When the aliquot current volume is tracked by the system, the current volume will be automatically updated.

2- The DNA Extraction and the created aliquots will be displayed into the 'Collection Samples & Aliquots' tree view.



This process could be reproduced to create: 
  - DNA extraction from PBMC tube.
  - Cell cultures from Tissue tube.
  - Etc.
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