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The Customization Option

If you have access to customize your ATiM login password, you should be able to click the Customize icon (looks like a key and asterisks) in the top-right hand corner of every page. Clicking on this icon will take you the Customize area of the ATiM application. You may also access the Customize area from the Tools sub-menu. If you do not have access to customize your ATiM login password, these icons and links will be greyed out for you.

Customize main menu.png

Once in the Customize area of the ATiM application, hover over the navigation pulldown to go to the My Password screen if you are not sent there by default.

Customize pulldown.png

Changing Your Login Password

Passwords are encrypted in the application for security's sake, so the ATiM application cannot show nor retrieve your password. You can only change it. On this screen, you will have to enter your password in twice, once in each field. Both fields must be filled in, and both fields must be filled in exactly the same. This acts as a confirmation that you are not mis-typing your password. When you have made your edits, click the Submit button on the bottm left directly underneath the form. Your password should update immediately, though you may have to log out and back in to see changes.

Customize change password.png

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