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Managing lab books

Lab book management is located under the tools menu.

Using lab books

Defining lab book usage

Lab books usage can usually be defined with certain batch creation/process, like creating derivatives or raliquotings in batch. When you define a lab book as being used by your process, all related fields will be blocked to prevent you from entering data. The reason is simple: the data will be inherited from the lab book.

Synchronization options

You will always find the lab book definition field accompanied by the "keep synchronized" option. If you selected it, any future update to the lab book will be propagated to your current element(s).

If you edit an item that supports lab book, you will also find the option "synchronize with lab book now". If you select it, your element will be synchronized with the lab book upon your submit action.

Synchronization table

Here is a table with a few example to help you understand whether your items will be synchronized or not with the lab book. All following examples assumes your item is having an associated lab book.

Action Keep synchronized Synchronize now Item synchronized?
Create item No N/A Yes
Edit item No No No
Edit item Yes No No
Edit item No Yes Yes
Updating the lab book No N/A No
Updating the lab book Yes N/A Yes
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