Move a box from a rack to another rack

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This guide will describe the process to move a box stored into a freezer (-80) to a nitrogen container (-196) plus all the aliquots stored into this box.

Data Record

1. Open Storage Layout tool.

2. Look for your freezer setting storage search criteria.


3. Find your storage into the index view and click on the 'Detail' icon.


4. Using the 'Storage Content' tree view of your freezer, look for the box that has to be moved and display the box 'Details' sub-form on the right side of the screen clicking on the detail icon of the tree view (step (d)).


5. Before to process you have to check the 'Selection Label' and the 'Code' of the nitrogen container rack that will contain the box (ex: code = 'R11-20' and selection label = 'nc1-2').

6. Click on the button 'Edit' of the sub-form displaying details of the box (step (1)).

5. Using the 'Parent Storage' drop down list, select the rack that will contain the box (use rack selection label and rack code previously checked).


6. Click on 'Submit' button.

7. A form will be displayed to set the position of the box into the rack (set box position if required and submit).


8. Your box has been moved to the nitrogen container, the surrounding temperature of the box has been updated.

9. Refresh the 'Storage Content' tree view of your nitrogen container. The aliquot tube of the box has been automatically moved to the nitrogen container.


10. The surrounding temperature of the aliquot has also been automatically updated.



The process detailed above could be reproduced to : 
  - Move a rack from one shelf to another one.
  - Move a rack from one freezer to another one.
  - Etc.
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