Where do I find access logs for existing users?

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The Administration Option

From the main menu, click the Tool Menu to access the extra ATiM plugins.

Admin - main menu.png

If you have access to administrate the ATiM application, you should be able to click the Administration icon and title in the list. If you do not have access to administrate the ATiM application, these icons and links will be greyed out for you.

Admin - tools menu.png

Navigating To The ATiM Users' Logs

Once in the Administration area of the ATiM application, hover over the first navigation pulldown to go to the Groups screen.

Admin - level 1 pulldown.png

The Groups screen lists all the Groups created in the ATiM application. All ATiM application Users must be belong to a Group. Choose the Group the User you are trying to edit belongs to by clicking the provided green Detail arrow.

Admin - groups select.png

Once the individual Group profile is displayed, use the second navigation pulldown to go to that Group's Users screen.

Admin - level 2 pulldown.png

Hover over the third navigation pulldown to go to the User Logs screen.

Admin - level 3 pulldown.png

On this screen, you can find a simplified list of what parts of the ATiM application the select User has been accessing and when.

Admin - logs.png

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