Where do I find what version of ATiM am I using?

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The version number is displayed at the bottom of the screen.


The Administration Option

This option will show you the current version as well as the install history.

1. From the main menu, click the Tool Menu to access the extra ATiM plugins.

Admin - main menu.png

2. If you have access to administrate the ATiM application, you should be able to click the Administration icon and title in the list. If you do not have access to administrate the ATiM application, these icons and links will be greyed out for you.

Admin - tools menu.png

3. Once in the Administration area of the ATiM application, hover over the first navigation pulldown to go to the ATiM Version screen.

Admin - level 1 pulldown.png

4. This screen will have all the relevant ATiM version numbers at you will need to effectively manage, update, or troubleshoot your installation.

Admin - version.png

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