CTRNet’s quality assurance programs

(Registration and Certification)

CTRNet offers two quality assurance programs.

Registration is primarily for researchers who are planning or conducting research projects that involve creating or working with new collections of human research biospecimens. Registration provides individual researchers with education on biobanking and access to national standards and that populates a biospecimen collection locator that helps to increase potential availability biospecimens for all researchers. Registration is a relatively simple process to complete and is a requirement of several Canadian health research funders and organizations.

Certification is primarily for biobankers who are establishing or operating a biobank of human research biospecimens. Certification provides biobanks with education and training for all staff, and assurance for researchers that access the biobank that the biobank operates according to national standards. Certification involves additional steps beyond registration including assessment of documentation and completion of education training. Certification is a voluntary process but has been adopted by many leading biobanks in Canada and internationally.

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