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About Biobank Certification

What is CTRNet Biobank Certification?

The CTRNet Biobank Certification program is a national initiative designed by a group of leading Canadian biobanks to address minimum standards in biobanking across Canada. Ultimately, the program’s objective is to increase public confidence in biobanks, minimize risks to research institutions/hospitals and improve the quality of biospecimen collected for research.

How does the CTRNet Biobank Certification Program differ from an accreditation approach?

  • Flexibility: it is applicable to all types of biobanks
  • Focus: it concentrates more on education
  • Cost: it is low cost

CTRNet is not an authorized oversight body and participating biobanks are not required to demonstrate conformity to a standard. The CTRNet Program is designed to be applicable to all forms of Canadian tumour banks. The program is designed to communicate best practices, provide education and address quality assurance and governance issues.

What is unique about the program?

  • Expertise: the CTRNet program was designed and built by biobanking experts with broad “grass roots” input from across the Canadian biobank landscape. The program focuses specifically on the needs of the biobank and biobank personnel.
  • Focus: our program is tailored to the biobank – much as one size does not fit all, our program is tailored to the biobank’s size, focus and scope.
  • Education: education is a focus of the CTRNet program. Upon Registration, registrants are given access to an online Introductory Biobank Module and exposed to CTRNet Required Operational Practices (ROPs) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Upon application of Certification, applicants are assigned up to 9 modules tailored to the scope of the biobank and their needs.

Who can participate?

The CTRNet program is designed for Canadian tumour biobanks. If you are a non-tumour or international biobank please contact the Biobank Resource Centre for a certification program geared to these types of banks.

Why certify my biobank?

Demonstrate biobank quality

  • Build awareness of national biobank standards
  • Enhance public confidence in our biobanks
  • Access to extensive educational resources for new and existing biobanks

Why is CTRNet a suitable organization to create a Biobank Certification Program?

CTRNet is a national tumour biobanking network that is:

  • Representative of a spectrum of tumour banks in 5 provinces
  • Driven by biobankers with many years of experience conducting and supporting translational cancer research across tumour disease sites
  • Tasked by the national Institute of Cancer Research – Canadian Institute of Health Research (ICR-CIHR) to develop tools and frameworks to facilitate biobanking in support of research in Canada

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