ATiM was designed and developed by the Canadian Tissue Repository Network (CTRNet) in conjunction with leading Canadian tissue banks specifically for the operation of biobanks. Since it’s founding, ATiM has been deployed in 38 Biobanks thoughout Canada and manages the data of more than 45,000 recruited participants and nearly 1.2 Million aliquots.

Open source, ATiM is a highly functional and flexible, low-cost option for a biobanking software that can evolve alongside project needs.

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Password: administrator

ATiM features:

  • Standard operating procedure integration
  • Multi-lingual (English and Francais) on a per-user basis
  • Highly customizable web application. No client-side software required
  • User management and system security
  • Modular design for future support of new sample types, storage entities, and disease sites
  • The ability for local banks to add custom business logic without modifying the core application
  • Become part of a growing biobank community adopting ATiM for local use.
  • Full audit trail support to capture all changes to biobank data.

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